Is the Metaverse ETP Worth Investing In?

Metaverse (ETP) is one of the most under-valued coins in the cryptocurrency market. With the recent listing on Bitfinex exchange, it has shown a good sign of recovery. Is the Metaverse (ETP) worth investing in? Read on and find out. More about delta reserve credit card review.

Is the Metaverse ETP Worth Investing In

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Is the Metaverse ETP Worth Investing In?

What is Metaverse in short?

Metaverse is the first public Chinese blockchain project that is building a web of Smart Properties and establishing an open ecosystem in which digital value can be circulated freely.

The platform is a web of “Smart Properties”. Some of these Smart Properties include digital asset registration, digital identity creation, intermediary services (called Oracles), and a decentralized exchange.

Metaverse is different from one of the most widely used Blockchain platforms, Ethereum, which allows programmers to write code on top of the platform itself.

ETP is the token used on Metaverse and can be used to measure the value of smart properties in Metaverse or as collateral in financial transactions. ETP is also used to pay transaction and other fees applied on Metaverse.

A total of 100 million ETP are issued through the combination of POW mining, and initial Coin offerings (ICOs) similar to Bitcoin. ETP can be traded and transferred on Metaverse and is an important factor in deciding the miner of each block after MVS transitions.

Who’s Behind Metaverse?

Eric Gu, is the founder of Metaverse, he is also a co-founder of other blockchain projects, including ViewFin™, the market leader in Blockchain technology in China. Eric Gu, CEO of Metaverse, is one of the cofounders of ANS/NEO, who left to build his own better blockchain – ETP.

He is also an adviser at Loopring LRC and a few other blockchain projects. He was an ICO investor in Bitshares.

Why Should One Invests in ETP?

(1) The Metaverse has a huge future due to the concept of Blockchain as a Service (Baas). Metaverse’s Baas framework mainly caters to business users, such as individuals or businesses with transaction or asset management needs. In the future, business users can no longer be grouped as they conventionally were and BaaS must be able to cater to any user, even digital identities.

(2) Eric Gu, Co-founder of Metaverse Foundation spoke to Cryptovest representatives at the D10e conference and shared that he is working with a few big exchanges to get Metaverse listed. He anticipates the value of the Metaverse token to “go up as many times as NEO”, a token he was involved in during the pre-ICO stage.

(3) Its current coin supply of 22 million out of 100 million is very small.

(4) Digitized assets can be issued using the Metaverse platform, and Gu believes it has the potential to become the most widely used platform in the Blockchain world.

(5) Metaverse is easier and more suitable for Chinese people to use than NEO as it’s tailored for a business people and does not require any developing skills, neither knowledge of English language, making it a better choice for business people and therefore will have a wider public use, mainly in Asia.

(6) There are already few projects that have put Metaverse and Entropy to good use, and ZenGold is one of them. The ZenGold platform allows people to buy, hold, transfer and sell digital assets backed by real gold. In less than a year, Metaverse and its accompanying Entropy tokens have proven their capability to solve real-world problems in a much simpler way.

(7) Metaverse is aiming to take over the ICO market in China and Russia by working together with KICKICO and CyberTrust bank.

(8) There are at least 20 companies that want to make Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on the Metaverse Blockchain platform. Over the next year, the fund partners plan to conduct about 100 ICO projects. These ICOs will likely technically be temporarily based in Russia until the Chinese government regulates ICO’s and solves the current situation in China.

(9) Very few cryptocurrency exchange sites may also be unwilling to include weak demand currencies on their trading platforms. With the potential collaboration to run 100 ICOs projects in the near future, Bitfinex has taken the first step to list ETP on its exchange.

(10) Metaverse’s development is separated into two distinct periods marked by two consensus algorithms: the system will initially be secured through Proof of Work, before transitioning to an improved form of Proof of Stake.

(11) The team of metaverse is running under the company ViewFin™. It has over 75 employees registered on LinkedIn.

(12) One important point of success for a blockchain company is a solid documentation of its product. Metaverse does fulfill this criterion perfectly. They have extensive whitepapers on both their platform and also their digital identity work and explain how and why they’re doing things.

(13) The services include a combination of Chainlink, NEO, CIVIC etc. into one business-friendly platform.

(14) On 17th of August, Eric Gu was invited to meet the senior management team of Korean Exchange Coinone. There is a possibility of ETP being listed in a near future.

(15) ETP is now only listed on Bitfinex, SZZC, OpenLedger DEX, and Bter. Many others will potentially drive the price up as more exchanges listing ETP.


Is the Metaverse ETP Worth Investing In? Buy or Not to Buy?

Where to Buy ETP?

At the time of writing, ETP is available on OpenLedger DEX and BTER. If you are new and would like to know how to purchase some ETP coin, it is not that straightforward to just deposit your fiat currencies and buy them on these platforms.

Metaverse ETP now is available for trading on Bitfinex, which can be traded with USD, BTC, and ETH.

Bitfinex is the world’s leading bitcoin exchange. It offers platforms for trading and for providing and receiving financing. It was the first exchange in the world to implement real-time proof-of-reserves via segregated customer wallets and boasts some of the best security features in the industry.

However, you can send bitcoin to the above-mentioned exchange accounts and buy ETP with BTC.

If you are totally new in this, please refer to this article “How to Buy ETP Coin (Metaverse) | Step-By-Step Guide

Is the Metaverse ETP Worth Investing In?
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Is the Metaverse ETP Worth Investing In?
Metaverse (ETP) is one of the most under-valued coins in the cryptocurrency market. With the recent listing on Bitfinex exchange, it has shown a good sign of recovery. Is the Metaverse (ETP) worth investing in? Read on and find out.
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